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Are you looking for a property? Are you looking for a plot of land, an apartment, a house or apartment building?

Then take advantage of our real estate search service.

Simply browse through the properties on offer or use the search agent, which will conveniently inform you by e-mail when new property offers come up. In addition to our own offers, you will also find competitor offers for properties in Cologne. This way you get a quick overview of the market without having to browse through countless websites. By the way, garnished with an added value: We record how long the properties are online. Simply click on the original real estate offers and request documents on the original source.

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Profit 3 times: VALUATION of your property

What is your property worth? What is the market value of your land, house or apartment building?

Whether you need a non-binding consultation or an initial market assessment.

Benefit from a detailed competition and market analysis of your property by an expert, an online valuation of your property (as a first price indication) or from the current real estate market report Cologne.

Make an appointment for detailed advice on value and sales strategies or use the online market assessment of your property (land, condominium, house or apartment building). Simply enter some basic data about the property and you will receive a first market estimate of your property.

Market estimate for your property

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1. sell property


Are you sure you want to sell comfortably, safely, fairly, quickly and at the best price?

Then invest in the right broker. A local real estate agent who is committed to your interests and whose aim is to ensure that you receive the highest possible return on your investment after deducting all costs.

We would be happy to explain our established approach to you in a no-obligation meeting.

Rely on a sales plan that works. You can see that it works, among other things, by the contract period: Benefit from a contract period of only three months and the protection provided by the Rheingold price guarantee.

Would you like to benefit from the perfect framework for a secure and predictable real estate sale at the right price?

Then make an appointment.

Tel.: 0221-99 51 99 01 or via the contact form.


2. rent property


Choosing a tenant requires a lot of care. After all, it is not uncommon for the largest assets to be attached to the property.

We will be happy to explain to you in detail our approach to finding the right tenants who not only want your property but can also pay for it in the long term.

Benefit from short contract terms (2 months) and the 12 month guarantee as double security.

We create the perfect framework for a sustainable rental of your rental property at the right rental price.

Make an appointment now:

Tel.: 0221-99 51 99 01 or via the contact form.

Immoblienbewertung, Immobilienkennzahlen

3. property valuation


Whether short valuation for sale or market value appraisal according to § 194 BauGB.

Our certified appraiser and colleagues from the appraiser network will be happy to assist you with your real estate appraisal.

Depending on the purpose, an online real estate appraisal, an inexpensive short appraisal (real estate appraisal) is sufficient or a detailed market value appraisal is required.

We will be happy to advise you on what makes sense for you.

Just call for an appointment:

Tel.: 0221-99 51 99 01 or via the contact form.

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Purchase assistance

Real estate exchange

Real estate annuity

Partial sale of real estate

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Marktbericht - was ist meine Immobilie wert?

86 Veedel - Real Estate Market Report

All of Cologne. All city districts. Each clearly presented by district.

The rental offers divided into three living space classes.

The purchase offers divided into several property types. With information on offer prices and actual purchase prices.

Apartments and houses.

In addition, background information on the real estate market and developments in Cologne.

Click here for the Cologne real estate market report.

Annually new from your local real estate agent!


Real estate: Useful guides & tips

Benefit from our guides and our information pages.

Real estate is always about high assets.

Prevention is better than cure. If you are well informed, you will enjoy your real estate more.

Available among other things: Guide to private sales (Immpuls magazine), Guide to renting real estate, books on inheritance, divorce and real estate in old age.

You are also welcome to use our online real estate encyclopedia. There, real estate terms are explained in an easy-to-understand way.

Order the guidebooks here

Ambitious & Service Oriented

As an owner-operated brokerage, we are always striving for improvement.

We see the commission as your investment for a better result. In doing so, we go the extra mile.

New technology for process optimization is important to us, but people always remain the focus.

We would be happy to explain our sales concept to you: a plan that has been proven to work.

Accordingly, we are pleased about multiple awards and the positive reviews of our customers.

Get to know us. We are happy to be compared.

Tel.: 0221-99 51 99 01 or via the contact form.

>> Make an appointment now: Tel: 0221 - 99 51 99 01 or via the contact form. <<

9 city districts, 86 Veedel: district information and real estate prices from the Cologne real estate agent

86 times live wishes and values in Cologne! ...

On the subpages you will find detailed district information and information on prices in the district. You can also find condensed price information in the current real estate market report.

Jaap Westermann Geschäftsführer Rheingold Immobilien GmbH, in Sülz

Real Estate Agent Cologne

Sell land, apartment, house or apartment building

You want a competent contact for your real estate sale in Cologne?

Whether land, apartment, house or apartment building.

We take the work off your hands and make a performance-based advance payment to let or sell your property.

Since 2007 we have made a name for ourselves in Cologne and are at your side with our years of expertise.

Clearly locally focused. Because "uns Hätz is in Kölle".

You want the perfect framework for a secure and predictable real estate sale at the right price?

Then contact us for a consultation appointment.

Tel.: 0221 - 99 51 99 01 or via the contact form.

In 2007 I founded Rheingold Immobilien. The goal was to establish myself in the market through outstanding service and to be one of the best real estate agents in Cologne.

As a management consultant I had already gained a lot of expertise in marketing, systematization and change management. I was able to acquire the missing know-how in the area of real estate valuation while working at the TÜV Rheinland Academy. There I acquired the certification as an expert for the valuation of undeveloped and developed properties. This is elementary, because only someone who knows how a property is valued can communicate on an equal footing with financial advisors and experienced investors. Only if you know what a bank will finance under normal circumstances, you will also know how much equity is needed for lover's prices.

In 2011, I was accepted into the Competence Club of real estate professionals. Here I exchange ideas with colleagues from other cities on how we can further improve our service.

One experience that set us apart from large brokerage firms and franchise chains in the service sector was to bring expertise in-house. Not working with sales representatives as is often the case in the industry, but with permanent employees. We work as a team to achieve success. We train ourselves and offer internships for career changers in order to grow slowly but steadily.

We see our way as an exciting journey with always new technical challenges but also opportunities. However, our clients always remain at the center of our attention. Treated respectfully and personally, just as I myself imagine a good service.

Securing assets, that's what I stand for with my name.

Yours Jaap Westermann, GF Rheingold Immobilien GmbH

Mistakes in preparation or marketing can be very costly. We have therefore built up the process in a very structured way, whereby it is important to us to use new technology where advantageous, but never to lose sight of the human being. Lover's values can only be achieved if the gut is there. It is therefore important to find the right balance between technology, processes and personal contact for your sales success.

The smallest mistakes can have a big impact. That is why we are at your side from the beginning until after the sale or rental. From the beginning we inform you transparently about what we do for your sales success or about what we do to find the right tenant. In addition to the valuation, we explain which strategic approaches can be used to approach the sale and which approach is best suited to your ideas. Under services we have listed what we do for you. It goes without saying that our work does not end with the notary contract. We are also happy to provide support after the sale. By the way, security in real estate brokerage starts with the viewing and does not end with the receipt of payment on the account. After all, marketing errors can also lead to recourse claims or reversals, which must be ruled out.