Unfortunately, as a client, you can never know in advance what result will result from working with a broker.

The company pages should therefore give you an impression of what we stand for.

Under "Mission Statement / Philosophy and Values" you can find out what we stand for.

The customer references and awards complement this picture with feedback from customers, colleagues and trade journals.

If you are considering using a real estate agent for sales or rentals, we are available for a no-obligation consultation. Feel free to compare our service, sales and rental process with those of the competition.

The company Rheingold Immobilien 

For your first impression

Auszeichnungen Rheingold Immobilien GmbH

Excellent - Rheingold real estate belongs to the best brokers of Cologne

We are happy and grateful that our customers appreciate our work.

On the page "Awards" you can find an overview of where we have been evaluated and how.


Customer references - properties for sale and rent in Cologne

Here you will find examples of properties that we have sold and rented. In so far as we have been evaluated, with the evaluation of our clients.

Client references sale

Client references renting

Both only in german language

Erfolgreich verkaufen

Networks - Together we are stronger

Those who always want to reinvent the wheel alone are clearly at a disadvantage. We are grateful to be part of various networks, broker networks like the Competence Club der Immobilienprofis or the Bundesverband der Immobilienwirtschaft (BvfI), business networks like BNI or local networks like the Interessensgemeinschaft Sülz Klettenberg.

Overview of our most important company and broker networks

Jaap Westermann Geschäftsführer Rheingold Immobilien GmbH, in Sülz

Jaap Westermann - Broker with passion

Behind every company are people.

So you know what made Jaap Westermann a real estate agent and what qualifications the management has.

To the curriculum vitae in german language

Rheingold Immobilien Maklerpreisgarantie

Philosophy / Values and the mission statement of Rheingold Immobilien

Our employees are united by a common philosophy, a mission statement and values by which we work and act.

You can find out more here (yet in german only).