In our Infocenter you will find important background information about real estate.

Infocenter Real Estate Knowledge

We are convinced that the best way to help you is to bring transparency to the market. Whether it is about real estate topics from the different stages of life, background knowledge for owners and prospective buyers, technical terms or other. We hope to support you with this service. If you have any questions, we look forward to hearing from you.

Special topics from the stages of life

kleine Maßnahme - große Wirkung

Age-appropriate living

You will learn valuable tips about age-appropriate living.

What can you consider early on, what options are there?


Real estate annuity

What does real estate annuitization mean?

Does it fit your situation?


Inheritance/ Real estate inheritance

Inheritances often include real estate.

What should you pay attention to? Why does an appraisal make sense, even if you don't want to sell?

Divorce real estate

Built up everything together and now separation is imminent.

Legal disputes cost money. Are there solutions that balance things out?

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Background knowledge on the real estate market


Media library

Here you will find many films about real estate.

Topics: Realtor pain - commission, why realtors, home staging and more.


Expert tips

Short suggestions that have accumulated over the years. Feel free to browse through the expert tips.


Buying a house Technical terms

All bohemian villages? We deal with real estate on a daily basis. Frequently occurring terms related to real estate explained easily.

Here you will find information from A - Z.

Jaap Westermann Geschäftsführer Rheingold Immobilien GmbH, in Sülz


Who is behind Rheingold Immobilien? What distinguishes Rheingold Immobilien?

Grundstück zu verkaufen

Sell privately

To sell your property somehow you do not need a broker. Especially not one from the Internet. What you need is a notary.

Here you can find out everything about selling privately.

Jede Immobilie ist anders

Cancellation of brokerage contract

Dissatisfied with a real estate agent?

Just sit it out or would you rather have a second chance?

Here you can find out what you need to bear in mind when terminating a contract and what rights you have.

Marktbericht - was ist meine Immobilie wert?

Real Estate Market Report Cologne

What are the prices in Cologne?

What prices are properties being offered for and what are properties being sold for?

Tip Provision

Tip - Commission

You have heard that a real estate sale is coming up?

Would you like to do something good for someone and refer them to a good real estate agent? Do you want to profit from it yourself?

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