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How to successfully search for your dream property

Are you looking for an apartment or a house to use yourself? Then embark on an exciting journey. In addition to the cross-portal search, further down on this page you will find some tips on how to make this journey successful.

This way you will surely find your condominium or your future home.

The best known real estate portals are certainly Immobilienscout24, Immowelt, Immonet, Kalaydo, Erstraum, bellevue. In addition, there are countless smaller portals. In addition to the real estate portals, several broker sites or real estate exchanges are also relevant for the search. A third-party provider makes the data presented here available to us. For this purpose, this provider scrolls the most important real estate sources in Germany and transfers this data to us, which we then load into our system, updated once a day. Additional service for you: The length of time the offered condominium or house has been on the market appears with the overview. This way you know if it is a new property or if it has been on the market for a long time.

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Your search optimization

Ideally, you learn about a new property before it is offered on the market.

But even if this is not the case, you can increase your chances by being well prepared and thus reacting quickly to the right property offers. Whether you buy a property privately, from an agent, by word of mouth or through the real estate portals such as Immobilienscout 24, Immonet, Immwelt, Ebay Immobilienanzeigen, IVD24, Erstraum or one of the many other portals is secondary - the main thing is that you find your dream property!

1) Inform your friends about your real estate search.

2) Create search profiles with real estate agents. Then you will find out about the real estate offer before it is published in real estate portals. This is especially important when real estate agents sell properties discreetly.

3) Use the search agents

At the relevant portals for real estate marketing (e.g. Immobilienscout24, Immonet, Immowelt, Erstraum, Kalaydo, Ebay, etc.) you can register for free and create search criteria. This way you will be informed automatically as soon as a property is now advertised in these portals. Our real estate portal comprehensive search also offers you this service. Naturally somewhat time-delayed to the real estate portals.

4) Use the contact form on the page where you found the property. Whether from the real estate portal or directly on the broker page. Do not forget to give your full details (name, street, house number, zip code, city, email, phone). When you have read or seen the exposé and, if applicable, the virtual tour of the property, call to make an appointment. Check your e-mail if you do not receive a reply. Check it if necessary or see if the mail with the exposé has ended up in the spam folder.

5) Do not give up. Stay on the ball.

zielgerichtete Suche Eigentumswohnung, Haus Rheingold Immobilien

Properly plan real estate visitation

You like the property? The first steps have been taken? You like the exposé and the virtual tour? Do you like the location?

Have you discussed your financing options with your financial or bank advisor? This will enable your advisor to process your application quickly and provide you with a quick financing commitment.

If your budget is not sufficient for the offer price, then you are welcome to ask the question about the price before the first viewing. Explain why you are asking this question. This can save you a lot of unnecessary time.

Call the realtor for your hopefully customized viewing appointment.

Take plenty of time during the pre-screening process.

Take enough time before making your final decision. The following procedure is generally recommended:

  • Pre-selection of suitable properties (online advertising, exposé, online viewing, telephone call).
  • First viewing of the property (clarify beforehand whether a second viewing is possible, otherwise take experts with you if necessary!)
  • Intensive study of all relevant documents (see loanable documents).
  • Clarify your questions: So that nothing is forgotten!
  • Make a preliminary decision. If necessary, make a purchase offer.
  • Final purchase decision and reservation of the property

Take a good look at the property during the viewing. Ask the questions that are important to you. Are there any serious defects? Do you feel comfortable here?

For many properties, second viewings are not even possible due to high demand. Ask before the viewing appointment. If in doubt, take someone with you to advise you. The money is well invested.

By the way, honest sellers and serious brokers are happy about your questions and answer them willingly and openly. But do not be angry if not everything can be answered directly. Better a broker or seller inquires again and gives the right answer than a false statement, which can cause a lot of stress later.

If the gut and documentation are right, go for it. Think about what you want to do and what you don't want to do. If in doubt, get a consultant to help.

Fakten zur Immobilie / beleihungsfähige Unterlagen

The fact check is important

You have found your future house? Your future condominium? Then it's down to the nitty gritty. You have your own funds and do not need this? Maybe, but it could be an expensive decision.

The real estate documents provide a well-rounded feeling whether it is the right decision. Is everything coherent? Are all building permits in place?

Use our checklist on the required documents and check if everything is in place.

  • Wish list - Real estate: Does it fit? Compromises okay? Does it meet the important requirements?
  • Does the information in the exposé correspond to the facts?
  • Does the living space seem coherent? Especially important if areas in the attic, basement, conservatory or balconies/terraces were considered
  • Are there indications of damp walls? Smell of mold?
  • Check the condition of the house from top to bottom
  • What costs will you have to pay?
  • What renovation work is necessary? What is mandatory, what is nice to have? At what cost?
  • Is your budget sufficient for modernization measures or possible special charges?
  • Is everything in the land register or in the declaration of partition understandable?
  • What do you get for neighbors?

Check the documents carefully. If you are unsure about anything, get expert advice. A building expert, architect or civil engineer costs something. But it can also save you from making a bad investment.

Rendite einer Immobilie

Price negotiation

You have probably studied the prices in the market for your search request intensively. Probably know your segment better than anyone else.

If this is not the case and the right property is there, get advice. A few hundred euros for a market value appraiser or expert is money well spent.

Important: Offer prices are not necessarily notarial purchase prices! The notarial purchase prices can be lower but also significantly higher!

Under which sign you lead discussions about the purchase price, depends decisively on which sales strategy was selected by the salesman and/or real estate agent. That is, is the property sold in a bidding process or in a conventional manner.

The longer a property is on the market, the more it speaks for the fact that there is still something! Therefore, we have also included the offer duration in the property search.

First of all, just forget about the asking price and ask yourself: At what price would I be annoyed if I had bought the property for it? Up to what price would I be annoyed if someone else had snatched the apartment or house from under my nose? Where these two lines cross is the maximum purchase price for you. Don't forget, of course, that the financing must also fit you and your needs.

Depending on the procedure, it now goes in the negotiation:

Conventional purchase: How high you poker is up to you. The longer a property has been on the market, the better your chances. But if the price is reasonable and the property has been on the market for a short time, you should not exaggerate so that you do not lose out later. Justify to the broker or private seller, the price justified from your point of view. Underline your seriousness by doing this in writing and making statements about the financing. Whether this is secured and when from your point of view the notarization can take place. Do you have a financing confirmation? Then it is best to send this along.

It is also best to answer questions about the move-in date and about items you would like to take over. With serious offers, the broker or private seller will enter into serious purchase negotiations with you.

Bidding procedure - inverted price world: There are many different variants.

In the case of a one-time offer, it is advisable to indicate your intersection so that you are really happy if the bid is accepted.

If offers are used to drive the interested parties higher and higher then the slice tactic is recommended. Always with your own maximum in mind.

By the way, it is also advisable to enclose a confirmation of financing.

If you don't win the bid, take it sportingly: you'll get your chance next time.

One more hint:

By the way, both in the conventional sale and in the bidding process, the price is regulated by the market. In the first case, it almost always goes down; in the second, it usually goes up.

Sicher zum Notar

The notary contract

You have made the decision alone or together. Now it's time for the home stretch.

Regardless of whether you are buying a plot of land, an apartment or a house: In Germany, notarization is mandatory when selling or buying real estate.

This differs significantly from the procedure in the USA. The land register excerpt is a binding document, further research - as is usual in America - is not necessary regarding the ownership situation. 

A notary contract is a legally mandatory requirement for the completion of a sale. Without a notarial deed, a contract for the purchase of an apartment or house is void.

If you buy through a real estate agent, he or she will initiate the purchase contract.

If not speeking german well, a translation during the notary meeting will be necesarry. Please speak with the notary or contact your real etstate broker.

Before signing, you should be clear about the tax and legal points.

The notary contract is a kind of security and protection regarding the transaction for both contracting parties. However, the notary does not check the creditworthiness of a buyer or the documents of the seller.

The notary provides the current land register excerpt.

Furthermore, the notary requires from the parties involved in the purchase:

  • Names and dates of birth of the parties involved in the purchase, tax numbers
  • Certificate of inheritance, if the seller is not yet registered as owner in the land register.
  • Documents required for the cancellation of encumbrances, if encumbrances are still entered in the land register but no longer correctly reflect the economic situation: for example, registered land charges or mortgages, although the underlying loan has already been repaid.
  • In the case of leasehold properties, the previous leasehold contract. This sets out the rights and obligations of the landowner and the leaseholder, in particular the obligation to pay a ground rent.
  • Agreed purchase price
  • Planned handover / earliest move-in date
  • Will furnishings be taken over? At what price? Other special features?

Liability and tax consequences

For mutual protection, you should not only document your property, but also know other points. After all, selling a house can have liability-related and tax consequences for you under certain circumstances.

As a seller, you should organize all relevant documents in advance and submit them to the notary.

If the property is resold within ten years of acquisition (notarized date of purchase and sale), the seller must pay tax on any profit at his or her personal tax rate. Since a notary does not provide tax advice, you should consult a tax advisor in this regard. If a property is occupied by the seller himself, the period is reduced to 2 years.

Buyer and seller are jointly and severally liable for the buyer's notary fees incurred in the house sale notary contract. As well as for the costs arising at the land registry on the buyer side, as well as according to §13 GrEStG even for the land transfer tax to be paid by the buyer. In Cologne (and North Rhine-Westphalia), this amounts to 6.5 percent of the purchase price.

The priority notice of conveyance secures the buyer so that a seller does not sell twice. The transaction takes place step by step. In this way, both parties are secured. If the conditions for payment are met, all parties involved in the purchase receive a request for payment. The buyer can now transfer the money.

After the notarization of the purchase contract, the buyer (without the cooperation of the seller) can no longer withdraw from the contract under normal circumstances.

The notary does not provide information of the building encumbrance directory. This directory serves as proof of certain public-law obligations of the property owner, such as distance area, access or parking space building encumbrances. Serious brokers visit a notice at the city of Cologne. If you do not receive this, we recommend that you inspect it yourself.

Haus kaufen in Köln

The settlement

Of course we are with you and the sellers at the notary appointment. From the notary's office you will receive the request for payment. This states exactly when the payment is to be made and to which accounts. In the case of financed real estate purchases, your bank will also receive the payment request.

In the case of sales through us, you are welcome to inform us when the payment is on its way.

Once the payment has been received by the owner, we will then coordinate the property transfer.

We are present at the appointment and write the handover protocol.

The owner confirms receipt of payment at the notary's office. The land register can now finally be completely transferred to you.

Congratulations on your new home or investment!

Now planned upgrades can begin, the champagne bottle can be popped and the move can be made.

We hope you are happy in your new home.

If your circumstances change and you would like to move out at some point, please feel free to contact us for home sales or apartment sales.

titel 2 uni center kapitalanlage
Objekt ID:2958-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:67 m2
Angebotspreis:197.000 EUR
Wohnzimmer Marienburg
Objekt ID:2948-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:94 m2
Grundstück ca.:784 m2
Angebotspreis:530.000 EUR
Haus zu verkaufen 2 2927-PF
Objekt ID:2927-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:108 m2
Nutzfläche ca.:30 m2
Grundstück ca.:233 m2
Angebotspreis:499.000 EUR
ohne zusätzliche käuferprovision
Objekt ID:2933-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:120 m2
Grundstück ca.:948 m2
Angebotspreis:559.000 EUR
aussicht ohne käuferprovision
Objekt ID:2940-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:26 m2
Angebotspreis:104.000 EUR
Zwei Einheiten unter einem Dach
Objekt ID:2945-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:240 m2
Nutzfläche ca.:136 m2
Grundstück ca.:873 m2
Angebotspreis:949.000 EUR
Titel a
Objekt ID:2941-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:215,10 m2
Grundstück ca.:456 m2
Vorne Titel
Objekt ID:2942-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:144 m2
Grundstück ca.:538 m2
titel 2
Objekt ID:2937-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:61,40 m2
Grundstück ca.:2.829 m2
ohne zusätzliche käuferprovision
Objekt ID:2920-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:25,83 m2
Titel 3
Objekt ID:2911-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:93,50 m2
Grundstück ca.:2.569 m2
1 ohne käuferprovision
Objekt ID:2867-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:26 m2
Grundstück ca.:1.215 m2
2897-PF Wohnung zu verkaufen
Objekt ID:2901-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:75 m2
Grundstück ca.:729 m2
2903 MFH
Objekt ID:2903_PF
Wohnfläche ca.:519 m2
Nutzfläche ca.:167 m2
Grundstück ca.:392 m2
2893-PF_ohne zusätzliche käuferprovision
Objekt ID:2893-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:44,80 m2
Grundstück ca.:419 m2
ohne zusätzliche käuferprovision
Objekt ID:2902-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:26 m2
Grundstück ca.:1.215 m2
Objekt ID:2878-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:42 m2
Grundstück ca.:7.727 m2
Objekt ID:2879-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:25,50 m2
ohne zusätzliche käuferprovision-2
Objekt ID:2847-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:92 m2
Grundstück ca.:5.506 m2
2816 2
Objekt ID:2816-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:48 m2
Grundstück ca.:2.013 m2
Terrassenbild ohne zusätzliche käuferprovision
Objekt ID:2830-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:78 m2
Grundstück ca.:263 m2
Ohne zusätzliche Käuferprovision
Objekt ID:2826-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:113 m2
Nutzfläche ca.:12 m2
Grundstück ca.:517 m2
Terrasse ohne zusätzliche käuferprovision
Objekt ID:2835-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:70 m2
Grundstück ca.:348 m2
diele zur Küche
Objekt ID:2821-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:64,44 m2
Grundstück ca.:3.302 m2
ohne zusätzliche Käuferprovision
Objekt ID:2819-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:34,39 m2
Grundstück ca.:2.829 m2
ohne zusätzliche Käuferprovision
Objekt ID:2817-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:89 m2
Grundstück ca.:1.612 m2
Endlich haben wir Platz
Objekt ID:2800-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:165 m2
Nutzfläche ca.:62 m2
Grundstück ca.:283 m2
Ruhig in Bayenthal.
Objekt ID:2809-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:125 m2
Nutzfläche ca.:17 m2
Objekt ID:2797-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:75 m2
Nutzfläche ca.:13 m2
Balkon ll
Objekt ID:2777-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:26 m2
Grundstück ca.:7.727 m2
Objekt ID:2776-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:61 m2
Objekt ID:2771-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:71,33 m2
Objekt ID:2753-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:58 m2
Grundstück ca.:4.652 m2
Objekt ID:2752-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:104 m2
Nutzfläche ca.:30 m2
Objekt ID:2770-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:30 m2
Objekt ID:2761-PF
Wohnfläche ca.:313 m2
Grundstück ca.:1.926 m2
Wohnungssuche Köln

Apartment hunting

Cologne is an evolved city. The more central you are, the more apartment buildings dominate the cityscape.

In contrast to other cities, high-rise buildings are more likely to be found in the outskirts. This is due to the height concept of the city of Cologne, which is to protect the world cultural heritage, the Cologne Cathedral.

Cologne's inhabitants always have a warm welcome when they approach the city and can see the Cologne Cathedral from afar on the sight lines.

Cologne is growing rapidly. The one million mark has long been exceeded and the population influx apparently only knows the limits set by living space. In addition, the requirements for condominiums have grown. Whereas in the 50s and 60s a 60 m² apartment was often occupied by a family with 4 children, this size of apartment is nowadays mostly occupied by singles and couples. The demand for space has increased.

To make your search easier, you can simplify the apartment search on this page. Conveniently look which condominium is offered within the radius of your preferred zip code. If you are interested, simply follow the link to the source and request the exposé there.

The offer history shows how long the apartment has been offered in Cologne. This is for you, especially at the beginning of the search, also an indication of whether the apartment is possibly offered by the price exaggerated. The longer a property is on the market, the more likely!


House hunting in Cologne

The more central you look, the more difficult and expensive it becomes. If you are still looking for a detached house, you should extend the radius of your house search or consider whether it could be a semi-detached house or a terraced house.

Houses are a scarce commodity in Cologne. Prices have risen steadily and, especially in bidding processes, we have not infrequently seen notary prices that significantly exceeded the owner's expectations. For many a rare house of the desire lover surcharges express the offer bottleneck.

Accordingly there are not few it rather something outside pulls. Interesting are thereby the outer parts of the city, which are nevertheless well attached. Also the cities in the Speckgürtel around Cologne enjoyed in the last years increasing popularity and rising prices.

To make your house search easier, you can simplify your search. Comfortably look, which house is offered in the periphery of your preferred postal zip code. If you are interested, simply follow the link to the source and fill out the contact form. It is indicated how long the house in Cologne is already offered. This is for you, especially at the beginning of the search, also an indication of whether the house may be offered too expensive. The longer a house is on the market, the more likely!

Marktbericht - was ist meine Immobilie wert?

Living in Cologne

Although the real estate market in Cologne is tight, it is still at a high but relatively tolerable price level compared with other German cities and especially compared with European cities.

In the real estate market report, we have compiled information on prices in the individual districts. Not only the asking prices, but also the notarized prices actually achieved.

Of course, a real estate market report is always past-related. The lower the number of properties on offer, the more likely it is that properties on offer will be priced out of line. This is especially true if they are in particularly good or particularly poor condition.

Living in Cologne, whether in a condominium or your own house (single-family home, duplex or townhouse), is in demand, because in this city you simply have to feel good.

In the real estate market report you will find information on

- property type: house, condominium, rental apartment

- offer prices

- actual notarial purchase price range