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Essbereich Kopie
Objekt ID:2914-VM
Wohnfläche ca.:51 m2
Kaltmiete:714 EUR
Nebenkosten:310 EUR
Objekt ID:2925-VM
Wohnfläche ca.:26 m2
Kaltmiete:445 EUR
Nebenkosten:200 EUR
Hausansicht garten
Objekt ID:2913-VM
Wohnfläche ca.:145 m2
Grundstück ca.:330 m2
Kaltmiete:1.800 EUR
Nebenkosten:400 EUR
Objekt ID:2900-VM
Wohnfläche ca.:131,49 m2
Kaltmiete:1.290 EUR
Nebenkosten:200 EUR
wohnzimmer neu
Objekt ID:2899-VM
Wohnfläche ca.:78 m2
Kaltmiete:1.170 EUR
Nebenkosten:250 EUR
Objekt ID:2905-VM
Wohnfläche ca.:128,76 m2
Grundstück ca.:155 m2
Kaltmiete:1.490 EUR
Nebenkosten:350 EUR
Objekt ID:2892-VM
Wohnfläche ca.:82 m2
Kaltmiete:850 EUR
Nebenkosten:300 EUR
Objekt ID:2876-VM
Wohnfläche ca.:51 m2
Kaltmiete:700 EUR
Nebenkosten:300 EUR
Objekt ID:2877-VM
Wohnfläche ca.:67 m2
Kaltmiete:690 EUR
Nebenkosten:140 EUR
Wohnzimmer 3
Objekt ID:2868-VM
Wohnfläche ca.:50 m2
Kaltmiete:725 EUR
Nebenkosten:180 EUR
Objekt ID:2869-VM
Wohnfläche ca.:108 m2
Grundstück ca.:3.841 m2
Kaltmiete:1.700 EUR
Nebenkosten:370 EUR
bild 3 Zi 1 WG 202
Objekt ID:2865-VM
Wohnfläche ca.:10 m2
Kaltmiete:350 EUR
Nebenkosten:150 EUR
Objekt ID:2856-VM
Wohnfläche ca.:53 m2
Kaltmiete:760 EUR
Nebenkosten:240 EUR
Objekt ID:2837-VM
Wohnfläche ca.:89 m2
Kaltmiete:980 EUR
Nebenkosten:250 EUR
Objekt ID:2827-VM
Wohnfläche ca.:67 m2
Kaltmiete:799 EUR
Nebenkosten:300 EUR
Objekt ID:2811-VM
Wohnfläche ca.:63 m2
Kaltmiete:870 EUR
Nebenkosten:230 EUR
Wohnungssuche Köln

Cologne Apartment for rent

Cologne is one of the most popular cities in Germany - and demand for rental apartments is correspondingly high.

Preferably as inexpensive, central and yet modern as possible. Since demand is higher than supply, most people have to make compromises when looking for an apartment.

The apartment and house prices naturally also affect the tenant sector. Financing the property must also pay off for the landlord, so prices have risen continuously in recent years. In addition, there is the disproportion between new social housing and the corresponding demand. Instead of more affordable housing, more and more houses are falling out of subsidy with corresponding consequences for rents.

To make your search easier, you can simplify your apartment search on this page. Conveniently look which rental apartment is offered within the radius of your preferred zip code. If you are interested, simply follow the link to the source and request the exposé there.


Search house for rent in Cologne

The more central you look, the more difficult and expensive it becomes. If you are still looking for a detached house, you should extend the radius of your house search or consider whether it could be a semi-detached house or a terraced house.

Houses are a scarce commodity in Cologne. This applies to houses that are rented almost more than houses for sale.

Accordingly, it can be beneficial to increase the radius of the search. Perhaps also to drive two-track and alternatively to look for a large rental property.

To facilitate your search for a house for rent, you can simplify your search. Conveniently look which house is offered within the radius of your preferred zip code. If you are interested, simply follow the link to the source and fill out the contact form there.

Marktbericht - was ist meine Immobilie wert?

Rental prices in Cologne

You may not hear it as a tenant, but despite the high prices in Cologne, they are still at a high but relatively bearable price level compared with other German cities and especially compared with European cities.

In the real estate market report, we have compiled information on the prices for rental apartments in the individual districts. Broken down by size class.

Of course, a real estate market report is always based on the past. The lower the number of properties on offer, the more likely it is that properties on offer will be priced out of line. This is especially true if they are in particularly good or particularly poor condition.

Living in Cologne, whether in a rented apartment or in a house (single-family house, semi-detached house or terraced house), is in demand, because in this city you simply have to feel good.

In the cologne real estate market report you will find information on

- property type: house, condominium, rental apartment

- offer prices


The most important sources for your search (rental apartment, house)

In addition to the real estate portals Immobilienscout24, Immowelt, Immonet, Kalaydo and Erstraum, there are countless smaller portals. In addition, several broker sites or real estate exchanges are also relevant for the search.

A third-party provider makes the data presented here available to us. For this purpose, this provider scrolls the most important real estate sources in Germany and transfers this data to us, which we update once a day and load into our system. Additional service for you: The length of time the offered apartment or house has been on the market appears with the overview. So you know if it is a new property or if it has been on the market for a long time.

zielgerichtete Suche Eigentumswohnung, Haus Rheingold Immobilien

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