Safely rent out property

There are several factors that contribute to renting out your property safely:

In addition to the hard facts, you should not neglect your gut feeling. Does the tenant fit into the house community? Can you talk to each other if there is ever a problem? Relying only on your gut feeling is also dangerous. Once you have an unreliable tenant, it is difficult to get rid of him.


Before the visit, we check the information provided about the place of residence against the identity card.

We want to know with whom we are visiting.

In addition to individual appointments, a double safeguard against false prospects.


Not only with the security measures around Covid-19 we could experience the benefit of virtual viewings. Prospective buyers get a good first impression through a virtual tour and the exposé. Unnecessary appointments can be avoided. Individual appointments become feasible due to a much better pre-selection. Virtual tours thus enable a much higher appreciation and quality of life for all parties involved.


In the self-disclosure we have the important information of the interested parties confirmed in writing. This gives us and the landlords a first impression of the tenant and allows us to check whether the income situation fits the property on offer.

In addition, we ensure that we are allowed to pass on the documents to the owners within the framework of data protection.


After the viewing, the interested parties are asked to provide us with the complete documents if they are interested, this includes copies of the identity cards, salary statements, Schufa information and more. This allows us to make a comparison of the requirements with the hard facts.

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To ensure that the tenant search for landlords and the previous tenants proceeds without too many unnecessary appointments, we have established clear processes. The structure ensures that the likelihood of tenants visiting the property is very high. In addition to the hard facts, it is important for us to always gain a personal impression of the tenants. Individual appointments are therefore a MUST. We organize these as conveniently as possible in viewing blocks.

You set the rent. We advise you based on our experience, the previous rent and the current rent index. more

The first viewing takes place online. There are exceptions only if we have not been allowed to do so. This saves a lot of time for interested parties and those who still live in the property and allows only individual appointments. Self-disclosures give the opportunity to get a first impression after the virtual tour. Thus, in consultation with the landlords, we can determine an order according to which the viewings will take place. Our goal: Few, but targeted viewings.

With the rental agreements from Haus und Grund Rhineland, we have up-to-date rental agreements, because these are updated very regularly and thus offer all rental parties maximum legal security.

We are aware of the responsibility we have in selecting tenants. We therefore do everything in our power to prevent potential rental nomads. In addition to the hard facts from the prospective tenants' documents, there are also the soft factors. We are convinced that it is in everyone's interest if future tenants fit the tenant structure as well as possible.

To secure asset value, the most important thing is to find a tenant whose income matches the rent. How certain is it that the rent can be paid in the future? Tenants receive a list of documents that we require. We check these. For your selection, we provide the documents of those who want the property and who have not already failed our screening.

Whether someone fits into the house community can often only be judged after an individual inspection.

This has a benefit for both sides:

Benefit from the tenant's point of view

The tenant can ask questions about the apartment and checks during the inspection whether this is the property in which he or she will like to live for a longer period of time.

Benefit from the owner's point of view

For the owner, we check whether there are any indications from the conversation as to why a prospective tenant fits particularly well or not into a house community.

By the way: Individual viewings also signal a higher appreciation for all parties involved.

It is important to us that the chemistry between you and your future tenant is right. Therefore, you always have the last word and can still pull the emergency brake at the joint rental agreement date if the gut feeling is not right.

Once you have decided on a tenant who wants your property and can afford it, we carry out a further security check with the Demda tenant information agency. To avoid pigeonholing, we also set minimum rental periods in the leases. Chosen in such a way that it is acceptable to prospective tenants and ensures you at least a reasonable minimum rental period. The Rheingold broker guarantee protects you in the event that the contract is terminated prematurely and a new lease becomes necessary.

In the self-disclosure, we obtain permission to also make inquiries with other credit agencies. If you as the owner have decided on a future tenant with the support of our advice, we carry out a final check with Demda. If unexpectedly negative information comes to light, the emergency brake can be pulled and the search for a tenant will be continued.

We include a minimum rental period in the rental contracts. Our goal is to find tenants who fit into the property and are interested in a longer-term lease.

Nevertheless, there are situations where it is advisable to terminate a concluded contract earlier. This can be, for example, if a tenant unexpectedly has to move to another city for work or if a couple breaks up. If this happens within 12 months, we take over the search for a new tenant free of commission for the landlord. The tenant then only has to pay until the rental contract date of the new tenant and all sides can look in the mirror without a guilty conscience.

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