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SECURE real estate sale

At Rheingold Immobilien you benefit from a secure transaction (burglary protection, two-stage credit check, protection against reversals)

Comfortable selling real estate

At Rheingold Immobilien, you benefit from the fact that we make your real estate experience not only sustainable, but also as comfortable as possible

FAIR real estate sale

You benefit from honest dealings at eye level. For us, trust is the basis for long-term success.

Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference and also ensure a good real estate experience in the long run.

Find out on the next page how we ensure that searchers and owners benefit from a secure real estate brokerage. How reversals are prevented. Why we run a credit check. What measures we take to protect against burglary and what needs to be considered when signing a notary contract to safeguard everyone.

On the subpage you will learn how informative exposés help searchers but also provide relief for sellers and landlords. In addition, we explain why preliminary interviews and virtual previews save time for all parties. Why we prefer individual appointments and why they still save time for the seller or landlord. In addition, which advantages everyone has from the compilation of the complete - for the financing necessary - documents and why an appointment through us makes your life easier.

With us you profit from the fact that we advise you objectively and explain exactly how we want to proceed for the best possible result and why we do this. You want to work with the broker as equals? We are happy about that, because we want to do the same with you!

For prospective buyers, this means that we provide you with all the information you need about the property and prepare all the documentation to make it as easy as possible for you to get financing.

For owners, this means that you receive a valuation carried out by an expert and learn what the market and competitive situation is like. In this way, you will find out the objective value and possible lover potentials at an early stage. We show you our actions transparently and keep you informed during the process.

Selling property at the RIGHT PRICE

Admittedly, no one can guarantee you the best price. But we can show you a plan that has lover prices as a goal. With Rhinegold price guarantee and performance promise.

Sell your property FAST

Benefit from a plan with a kick. We will be happy to explain to you how we maximize the attention for your property and what measures we take to ensure that those who really want to and are able to buy will visit your property.

VALUATE your property objective

You need a proper market value appraisal? No problem. Whether a short appraisal or a market value appraisal according to § 194 BauGB. We determine the market value of your property.

Pricing and strategy: so that you can plan for success

At Rheingold Immobilien you benefit from an established procedure that is designed to achieve lover potential.

You value your property. But do you also know what it is worth and how you can most likely achieve Liebhaber potenziale?

On the pricing page we have compiled the essential elements of pricing for you. From market value to offer price. The relationship between the asking price and the notarized selling price. How demand can be stimulated and how you can obtain an optimal negotiating position. In addition, we go into the strategic options and explain how you can also set the course for success early and safely on the financing side.

At Rheingold Immobilien you benefit from a fast, secure and successful transaction.

Find out why our plan works on the details page.

Why comprehensive, complete and fast processing leads to success.

Which other factors play a role and which extra mile we go for your success! Anyone can sell. The important thing is to set the course so that the highest possible revenue is achieved. This requires an extra portion of commitment and know-how.

Besides the sale, there are sometimes other reasons for a valuation.

In some cases (e.g. when an amicable solution is sought in the case of divorce or inheritance), a brief valuation, such as the one we carry out as part of the sale, is sufficient as a basis for the offer price.

In other cases (e.g. for accounting purposes), a detailed market value appraisal is required. For detailed value appraisals, we work together with external experts. We will be happy to establish the contact.

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