What service can you expect from brokerage firms / real estate companies?

"Brokerage firms and real estate companies only unlock the door and when you walk out you collect the buyer's commission" is a prejudice against brokerage firms that cannot always be dismissed.

In fact, as a seller, you can influence very precisely what you get.

Many of the tasks take place in the background.

Exactly this brings however the real success and decides whether afterwards most money on the account of the salesman remains, also after deduction of the commission, which is nothing else, than your investment, for the maximum remaining proceeds.

Compare what brokerage firms in Cologne do for you

Presentation of the property (where, how, quality, home staging), asking price, amount of data and information about the property, amount of buyer's commission, whether a virtual preview is possible.

Professionalism around appointment setting, callbacks and loanable documents and how one is treated.

  • Also assists after the sale of both parties with handover and subsequent queries.
  • Is only paid according to success when payment has been made to the seller.
  • Provides security regarding burglary protection, creditworthiness and risk of reversal. Prepares the notary appointment and accompanies both parties to the notary appointment.
  • Organizes reasonable viewing blocks with interested parties who want the property and can afford it. This is respectfully done as individual appointments.
  • Provides the buyer with a valid basis for decision-making. Shows thereby also weaknesses. Takes the wind out of the sails and also avoids the risk of reversals and subsequent disputes.
  • Ensures a lot of interest and thus an optimal negotiating position: Through direct advertising in the neighborhood, Internet advertising in the most important portals and the direct approach of suitable search customers, you sustainably improve your negotiating position.
  • In order to make it comfortable for you, the real estate agent takes care of the procurement of documents, preparation of floor plans, energy performance certificate, home staging, high-quality photos, creation of a virtual tour for preliminary viewing, preparation of documents, dealings with authorities and informative, good exposé texts. 
  • Objective valuation; reasonable, comprehensive advice on offer price and strategy. Shows how lover values are possible. Explains how the price is arrived at. What is a risk price? How do you achieve a fancier price? Which price has which effect?

broker performance you can see

broker performance that should be

...and what all this has to do with the broker's commission

As of Dec. 23, 2020, brokerage firms and casual sellers may no longer pass on the commission to the buyer. Brokerage firms must take at least the same amount of commission from the seller as they do from the buyer.

Apart from the fact that free of charge in the past was not always the best for the proceeds (see e-supplement real estate newspaper 03/2020 at the Kölner Stadtanzeiger).

If one wants to sell only somehow, then one does not need to spend money for it. If you want to sell safely, quickly and at the right price, then you should invest a commission based on success.

In the future, the only way to get by without paying commission is to sell privately.

Since the argument "free of charge" for the buyer no longer holds water, there will certainly be providers with sloags like "Cheap for the seller", " Cheapest for the seller" or similar.

How does this work?

Internet providers will tell you that it is because of the optimized processes. Is it possible to save costs with this? Yes. Can you save so much money that it also finances advertising on TV? We think this is doubtful. Especially since the best local brokers also use good software and their processes are also state of the art.

If it is not due to better processes: how does it work?

Every company has to operate economically.

Savings can be made in personnel costs.

Problem: Then you don't get the best employees or there is a high fluctuation without an identification with the company.

It is possible to save on services:

Problem: You can still sell. However, the probability that the service reduction will be reflected in the achievable price is very high.

If one only wants to sell somehow, then one should rather spend nothing at all and do it oneself! If you want to sell safely, quickly and at the right price, then you should compare broker services and invest wisely.

Put in advance: You should look at what a broker does for you. If the reviews are good and the scope of services shows "he does everything for my success" then you should meet for a consultation without obligation. Also look at the bad reviews and what is responded to. If a broker is working in the seller's best interest, the more reviews there are, the more likely they are to have negative reviews as well. However, the overall rating should have a clear positive trend.

What do brokerage firms do for success? What is the expertise like? What strategic options are explained to you? What path is suggested for your success?

Brokerage firms thrive on referrals. Both sides are helped most when customers are completely satisfied.

After deducting the commission from the notarized purchase price*, the proceeds should be the highest. Ask yourself if this is achievable with the broker of your choice.

Just consider the commission as your investment costs or advertising costs for your success!

* Attention not to be confused with the price promised as the offer price, but not achieved.

To sell your property somehow, you do not need a broker, but only the notary. But if you want it to happen quickly, safely and as successfully as possible, then you should choose the broker carefully. We are gladly available for a consultation!

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Save commission and pay with broker pain?

Of course, everyone wants to save money first. Where it leads, one recognizes with many products and publicly advertised orders. What is the cheapest offer at first, turns out to be very expensive afterwards.

There are many dedicated and good brokerage firms in Cologne. Compare the service that is offered to you, compare whether and if so how a valuation is carried out, to what extent the brokerage firm advises you for the marketing.

If you want to sell discreetly, it is also useful to know what happens if the right prospective buyer is not in the broker's file after all. How long does the brokerage contract last? What does the service look like if this broker does go on the market?

There are many awards and rating portals: these also give you a good basis for choosing the brokerage. The number of reviews, the quality of the reviews, the content of the reviews, the stars awarded or whether you would recommend the broker are all indicators of professionalism. An award in itself or five five-star reviews on Google alone do not say much, but if several sources give a similar picture, there is much to be said for taking a closer look at this brokerage.

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