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Real estate agent Cologne- buy apartment or house

Your contact for buying real estate in Cologne.

You are looking for a property in Cologne?

Whether you are looking for a house, an apartment, a plot of land or an investment property - we will support you in your search for real estate that is primarily suitable for residential use. In order to offer you the best possible service, we, as a training company, attach great importance to the training and expertise of our employees.

Buying a house or apartment in Cologne can be very costly and time-consuming. Therefore, we carefully prepare the properties and make sure that you have all the important documents for your purchase decision. Checklists for a good preparation of your search and the later purchase can be found here. Would you like to know what costs you have to calculate? Then read the current edition of the Real Estate Market Report Cologne by Rheingold Immobilien.

The city of Cologne - "every Jeck is different.”

The part of town that is just right for one person may be a nightmare for another.

Each person simply has different wishes and ideas. Some can only imagine living in the countryside, others only in the city. This is certainly also subject to changes depending on the age group. Younger people tend to live where the life is, families tend to live where there are gardens, older people often prefer a good local infrastructure.

The living environment must therefore simply fit your current requirements. To your current life situation.

Cologne's 86 districts offer enough variety to find the right neighborhood for everyone.

Real estate in Cologne - which type of property is right for you?

You want to have everything the way you want it? Preferably from the first brush stroke? Then you should start looking for a building plot. Make sure that the location suits you and that the building law does not stand in the way of your real estate wishes.

Are you looking for a house? Does it have to be detached or can it also be a terraced house or a semi-detached house? How big should or may the property be? How many rooms do you need and how many square meters are you satisfied with? Are your wishes for the preferred location realistic? If not, where can you imagine compromises?

Do you prefer a condominium? What are your ideas about a condominium community? Can it be a very large one? Does a very small condominium association bother you? What are your requirements for the condominium? Do your ideas match the location or are there compromises you can make?

Investment properties: Apartment building / rental house or individual rented apartments. What return do you expect? Do you mind if these are still low but there is great potential? Do conversions bother you? Should it rather be a cash cow with as little effort as possible?

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Buy / search for land in Cologne

The value of a plot of land depends not only on the standard land value, but also on how the plot is cut, to what extent it deviates from the model plot, which was decisive for the standard land value, and how it can be built on.

Haus kaufen in Köln

Buy / search house in Cologne

The advantage of buying a house is at the same time a little bit the disadvantage. There is usually only limited written documentation, what was done when and what is still needed in terms of repairs or maintenance. When buying a house, you should make sure that a living space calculation is available - preferably from the architect. That plans are available - preferably with a building permit stamp - and that you are informed about what has been done to the house and what is expected in the future. If you are an occasional buyer, take a consultant with you (building expert, architect or experienced friends/acquaintances).

Buy / search condominium in Cologne

The big difference to buying a house is the existence of property records. From this you can learn a lot about the condition of the house and the cooperation of the owners' association. The amount of reserves shows whether you are prepared for possible investments or whether you should plan for special charges. Be sure to read the last three minutes, the statement of account and the business plan, the land register and the declaration of division carefully...

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Search for investment properties:

In addition to the factors listed under the previous two headings, you should obtain the rental agreements. In addition, you should have a current overview of the ACTUAL rent (cold rent and advance payments for ancillary costs) and possible vacancies. The possible yield can now be determined using yield ratios. See also under invest.

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