Living in Cologne - the gracious city on the Rhine

Living in Cologne: Which residential area suits you?

Living in the megacity of Cologne would be nice if it weren't so difficult to find the right apartment or house. The steady population growth and a comparatively low level of construction activity mean that there is a constant shortage of supply. The result: a shortage of real estate. In addition, as in most cities, there is the loss of social housing. Subsidies are expiring and rents are rising. Unfortunately, without sufficient subsidy programs to provide replacements.


Living in the city of Cologne

Living in the lovely city

Some call Cologne the northernmost city in Italy. Even if not everything always goes according to plan here, Cologne residents can always count on one thing: Its big, open heart.

Here you are welcome and before an immigrant notices, you are already a Kölsches Mädche or a Kölscher Jung.  Integration goes very quickly here for anyone who wants it. The attitude towards life is sung about in many songs, and in connection with the Cologne carnival, this also ensures that the Cologne language continues to be cultivated.

Although it is always said in the stadium "Welcome to the most beautiful city in Germany" there are certainly more beautiful cities with more preserved building fabric. Living in Cologne is nevertheless very popular. You simply have to make friends with the openness of this city and its inhabitants. The love here comes from within.

Domblick Hohenzollernbrücke wohnen in Köln

Life feeling

Cologne on the Rhine - more than carnival

In addition to the carnival, the people of Cologne always carry their cathedral in their hearts. Perhaps also in the hope that new construction sites such as the opera and the subway will please be completed faster than the cathedral.

But anyone who limits life here to the sights, the cathedral and carnival has missed out on a lot.

It doesn't matter if you are an immigrant or a Cologne resident who spends most of his time in his own neighborhood: A walk through the different Veedel is worthwhile. You will be surprised how it lives elsewhere. What the residential areas are like. Which people you meet on the street.

86 times diversity in Cologne - 86 districs

The right residential area for everyone

86 Veedel provide for great diversity. Due to its exposed location on the Rhine, Cologne has always been a trading city, so people from different regions, countries, religions and cultures met here and wanted to live in Cologne.

To get to know Cologne you should not limit yourself to the sights of the city center. Many neighborhoods have their own city centers. Local carnival, shooting and sports clubs also provide a strong local connection.Here you can find the right residential location, the right apartment or the right house for everyone.

The city of Cologne is and always will be an exciting mixture of village and metropolitan. If you don't want to be, you won't be alone. Conversations with Cologne residents can also begin in unusual situations. We can only advise every newcomer (Immi): Get involved.

Köln im Wachstum

Cologne on a growth path

Population growth continues

As one of a handful of cities with over a million inhabitants in Germany, the city continues to grow. Accordingly, demand for real estate is high and continues to grow. This is particularly the case as there is a mismatch of new buildings and required living space, with no end in sight. The result, as in all major cities in Germany, is a shortage of living space and the associated rise in prices.

The supply shortage can be seen in all types of housing: Whether land, house, condominium or apartment building. Cologne is a hot real estate spot. New construction projects are in the planning stage, but there is a lack of rapid implementation. Despite dedicated employees, building permits unfortunately still often take too long in Cologne.

We hope that our district descriptions will give you some initial guidance as to where you would like to call home in the future.

Where do you want to live? Which residential environment suits you?

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01 Central district

02 District Rodenkirchen

03 District Lindenthal

04 District Ehrenfeld

05 Distriuct Nippes

06 District Chorweiler

07 District Porz

08 District Kalk

09 Dirstrict Mülheim