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We create the perfect framework for a secure and predictable real estate brokerage at the right price.

You want to sell your apartment? Sell your house? Have a property you no longer need and want to sell? Have an apartment building for sale?

Are you looking for new tenants for your apartment or house?

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It is important to secure your assets!


Selling real estate involves a lot of responsibility for your assets. It is therefore good if you leave nothing to chance, but can rely on an established sales plan.

Several factors show that this plan works:

On average, we sell above the asking price.

We have a contract period of only three months and also protect you with the Rheingold price guarantee.

You want to sell conveniently, safely, fairly, quickly and at the right price?

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Are you one of the lucky ones who own a property? An asset that needs to be protected.

While in the case of sale we are sure that hiring a good agent is financially worthwhile for an owner, it is a different story when it comes to renting. If a landlord observes the most important rules, he can do this himself.

on one hand, the menu items on renting can serve as a guide. On the other hand, they also show you how much time and work we can do for you when renting out your property.

Learn more about the framework for your real estate rental here


As a prospective customer, one usually only notices the services that are clearly visible above the surface of the water, like an iceberg.

Which real estate agent is worth the money?

Who can you rely on to secure your assets when selling or renting real estate?

In addition to a checklist that allows you to compare Rheingold Immobilien with competitors, this menu item discusses the services we offer.

We are convinced to be one of the best real estate agents in Cologne. Please feel free to compare us.

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